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Additional Nursing Orientation Courses After Starting on your Designated Unit
Check with your unit preceptor or manager to see what classes are required for your unit
American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Providers: All new hires must have AHA CPR certification within 30 days of employment. If you do not hold a current AHA HCP card, please sign up on eHealthcare IT for one of the Renewal courses. If you have never been certified in CPR, please email Kellie Maberry regarding this course.
Basic Arrhythmia: All new hires in Critical Care, Intermediate Care, ED, PCU, OR, PACU, Southside Telemetry Medical Surgical Unit and Centra Specialty Hospital units are required to take Basic Arrhythmia within the timeline set by their unit. Please sign up on eHealthcareIT for a course. Please email for any questions regarding this course.
Cornerstone Program for Critical Care: New Graduates in MICU, STICU, CTICU, NICU, CSH, & Southside Critical Care will complete a course designed to introduce the new nurse to the fundamentals of critical care nursing at Centra.  ​
Emergency Department Internship: New Graduates in the Emergency Department will attend unit specific courses while completing orientation in the Emergency Department. New Graduates in this area will be automatically enrolled into this course. 
Epidural Class: MICU, STICU, CTICU, 3 East Surgical, PCU, Resource Team and MSIU nurses will need to complete the epidural class after 6 months of employment. Please sign up on eHealthcareIT for a course. Please contact Professional Development.
Implanted Port Class: All Oncology RNs are required to attend per the unit’s orientation schedule.  All other RNs are welcome to attend.  This class provides a basic overview of implanted ports and proper cannulation and decannulation techniques.  All classes are offered monthly and can be found on eHealthcareIT.  Please contact the Oncology Unit Manager or for any questions regarding the scheduling for this course.
Introduction to Electronic Fetal Monitoring: All new hires in the Birth Center are required to be trained on electronic fetal monitoring. Proper application and accurate interpretation of the electronic fetal monitor is a key component in the care of each pregnant woman who presents to the Birth Center.  Your preceptor can provide you with information regarding this education.
Mandt Training (Relational and Physical): All RNs, LPNs and CNAs hired into Mental Health areas need to be certified in Mandt within 90 days of hire.  If you have not had Mandt training before, please enroll in an “Initial Certification” training class on eHealthcareIT.  This is a two-day course that includes both Relational and Physical skills training. Certification lasts for 12 months, with a one-day recertification class required after that. All initial and re-certification courses can be found on eHealthcareIT.  Please contact for any questions regarding these courses.
Mandt Training (Relational only):  All Southside Community Hospital ED and ICU RNs and LPNs must attend Mandt Relational Training with 90 days of hire. This is a four hour class that covers de-escalation training ONLY, there are no physical skills taught in this class. All courses can be found on eHealthcareIT.  Please contact for any questions regarding these courses.
Nurse Residency Program™ at Centra: New Graduates in all areas will participate in the yearlong program that focuses on leadership, professional development, evidence based practice, patient safety and outcomes. New Graduates at Centra will be automatically enrolled into this course. Please email Caryn Brown for any questions regarding this program.
Peritoneal Dialysis Class: All DRMU nurses will attend after 6 months of employment. 
Rhythm Recognition Review: If you are not required to take Basic Arrythmia but need to review rhythms please review these websites. When on the skillstat website please take the test and print your results. This will be placed in your competency binder. 

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If you have any questions regarding your nursing orientation, please email