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​​​​​​​​​Welcome to Centra!

On behalf of the Professional Development Team we would like to welcome you to Centra!  Our team is looking forward to working with you during your Nursing and Clinical Orientation.  
Our Goal
The goal of general and nursing orientation is to ensure that orientees receive initial information regarding policies, procedures, and regulatory requirements to support practice at Centra. We also aim to familiarize orientees with Centra’s mission, vision, values, and organizational goals.
Electronic Health Record
You must complete your Cerner modules before you begin working in any area that uses Cerner.  Cerner modules can be found at This training must be completed prior to working on your unit. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak with your manager or contact
Your Orientation Schedule
All new employees will complete General Orientation on the Monday of their first week of hire. This class is currently being held in a Live Teams Event on Monday mornings. You will receive the link to join in your instructions email from HR the Friday before your Monday start. If you have any questions regarding General Orientation, please contact your Nurse Recruiter.
Nursing / Clinical Orientation is currently in an online format as well. Tuesday - Friday is set aside to complete the assigned online Cerner training and online Elsevier training. You will receive detailed instructions for this part of your orientation week Monday afternoon, after completing your General Orientation.
You are considered a Hospital RN, LPN, CNA, USA if you work at Lynchburg General Hospital, Virginia Baptist Hospital, Bedford Memorial Hospital, Southside Community Hospital, or Gretna Medical Center.
You are considered a Senior Care RN, LPN, CNA if you work at any Centra Pace facilities, or Centra Adult Day Care Centers. 
Questions or Concerns?
Email the nursing orientation coordinator at 
You may also call #434-200-1966 or #434-200-6855.



Hospital and Pathways RN & LPN
Hospital CNA, USA, ED Tech, & Paramedic
Senior Care RN & LPN
Senior Care CNA and PACE RN, LPN, & CNA
Centra Medical Group